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Harrisburg Gymnastics

About Us


HGS has been voted the best gymnastics program in the 2015 family favorite awards,
through Central Penn Parent Magazine.
Thank you to all those that voted and have supported us over the years.
We appreciate the honor and your support.



Harrisburg Gymnastics School, Inc., has been offering gymnastics and more for over 43 years in the Harrisburg, PA area. All full time staff is safety certified through USA. Our goal is to provide each child that attends Harrisburg Gymnastics School, Inc., a fun and fit way to gain ability on the equipment in a safe environment.

Why Gymnastics?

Gymnastics helps children have stronger bones than their less active peers according to research from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). The bone-building window for adulthood occurs during the earlier years of childhood. The ACSM states, "Children who engage in vigorous, high intensity, muscle-flexing activity, build 7-9% more bone area and 9-12% more bone strength than children who do not engage in these activities. The best way to promote activity is to let kids be kids by allowing them to play and enjoy activities that require jumping, tumbling and running." That sounds like gymnastics!!! Gymnastics also increases flexibility, muscle strength, balance and coordination!

Harrisburg Gymnastics School, Inc., has a full staff of gymnastic instructors committed to providing your children a healthier and fulfilling lifestyle in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Call us at (717) 561-0959.



Since 1974, Harrisburg Gymnastics School, Inc., has had a full staff of gymnastics instructors committed to providing your children a healthier lifestyle in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area. We offer your children the opportunity to have a richer, happier life with the diversity of courses and classes we offer. Many parents have come to realize of the importance of having their children in gymnastics classes.

Our school is affiliated with USA Gymnastics, the governing body for American gymnastics and we participate in USA master clinics and mini-congress and are safety certified through USA gymnastics.




Harrisburg Gymnastics School, Inc.
3427 Derry Street, Paxtang
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17111
Phone: (717) 561-0959
Fax: (717) 561-0959*